Legal and Professional Malpractice

Sometimes even the most accomplished and successful lawyers, accountants, engineers, and architects make mistakes. Whether because of inexperience, lack of appropriate skills or knowledge, carelessness, or worse, professionals make errors that harm their clients and cause financial damage. A legal or professional malpractice action permits a client to seek compensation from the responsible lawyer, accountant, etc. in order to place the client in the same position the client would have been but for the negligence of the responsible professional. Legal or professional malpractice cases are often quite complicated, and require the use of an expert within the same profession to testify about the improper conduct of the responsible professional. Kurt Hausler employs a practical, professional approach to obtain a full and fair recovery for his clients, whether by means of a settlement or through a trial.

Kurt is, obviously, a lawyer himself, but he regularly pursues legal malpractice claims on behalf of clients, and has more than a decade of experience pursuing legal malpractice actions. His philosophy regarding this is that lawyers routinely handle malpractice cases involving other professions, holding non-lawyer professionals accountable for their conduct, and that lawyers should, likewise, seek to hold their own profession to account, and hold lawyers to the highest standards. With the assistance of knowledgeable experts, Kurt is skilled in preparing your legal or professional malpractice case, and negotiating the best possible settlement. If the matter cannot be settled before trial, these experts are available to deliver clear, professional testimony. Kurt can effectively handle your case whether it involves a pre-suit settlement, a lawsuit that settles before trial, or a trial.

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